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My friend Leslie Bloom from the San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition just sent me this link to http://streetmix.net.  On this site you can design your own street.  it is a pretty fun and easy tool for visualizing street design.  Wow.  You can adjust the building height… the lane widths… the bike path width… etc etc.  A great tool for bicycle advocacy and city planners or anyone interested in creating better public places and streets.

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click each of the city links below for a link into the future of bike paths




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this comic is the first of several posts… delving into the cargo bike world… You have to admit… it is one hell of an obscure reference in a comic strip to feature a Bakfiets cargo bike.

and the award goes to yehudamoon.com…. damn forward thinking of you!  Thanks!

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copenhagenize new logo simplicitiy22

Copenhagenize.com is an english language blog dedicated to bike culture in Copenhagen.  Lots of interesting Bike links… and bike commuter info.

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bikes go first…

bike stop

I’m liking this arrangement… the bike lane gets wider at the stop sign… and the cars have to wait until the bikes go.  This is in Portland Oregon… of course.

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