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My friend John Cutter, a bicycle designer and builder here in San Luis Obispo, sent me this link this am… about a new city being built in South Carolina… called Riverwalk.  It includes a huge outdoor velodrome, a very large BMX area, permanent criterium track, and all sorts of other outdoor activity related areas for the citizens to enjoy…

here is the blog post John sent…. from a blog called redkiteprayer.com

here is the link to the community website itself

It is a community built around outdoor activities… specifically cycling… but not exclusively.

Interesting stuff… dig in a bit.


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Check out the attached video that shows the issues of a San Luis Obispo Parent riding with his son to School.

We as a city need to consider and create solutions for this.  City staff are aware of this stretch and the issues I believe… and are already working to create small changes for greater safety as quickly as possible… but the real change will come only when enough parents and other cyclists show up at City Council meetings to convince Council of the need and the priority.

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My friend Leslie Bloom from the San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition just sent me this link to http://streetmix.net.  On this site you can design your own street.  it is a pretty fun and easy tool for visualizing street design.  Wow.  You can adjust the building height… the lane widths… the bike path width… etc etc.  A great tool for bicycle advocacy and city planners or anyone interested in creating better public places and streets.

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Here is a link to the latest info on the BOB JONES TRAIL.  skip to page 3, project 5 for the latest info.



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The California Coastal Trail is will someday be a fairly big asset here in San Luis Obispo County.

here is a link to the  San Luis Obispo County area part of the the trail

A video flyover of the future trail in north western SLO County:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/22046927″>Flyover of North San Luis Obispo County Coastal Trail project location</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user6642335″>Alta Planning</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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Every so often the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments (SLOCOG)looks at the unmet transit needs across the county.  There is a comment section online where you can list what transit needs you feel are important.  This includes Bicycle improvements you would like to see in the COUNTY.  Regional trails are obviously big on my mind so I posted my comments on the the SLOCOG site.

Anyone’s comments are welcome… So I encourage you all to post your thoughts on unmet cycling needs (or any transit related needs) at:      http://www.slocog.org/Join/Unmet_Needs.php

Please mention the ANZA trail… and any other improvements you are interested in… such as a trail from SLO to Morro Bay, SLO to Los Osos etc.Remember… this is for the COUNTY… and unincorporated cities…  not so much for inside the incorporated city limits.

SLOCOG will be meeting in early 2013… so get your comments in now.


BTW…Thank You! to my friend Dallam Oliver-Lee for these links!

More info at:  http://library.slocog.org/PDFs/Agency_Mtgs_Agendas/TTAC_CTAC/2012/September%202012%20TTAC%20CTAC%20Agendas/D-3%202013-2014%20Unmet%20Transit%20Needs%20Schedule,%20%20Methodology,%20Definitions,%20and%20Criteria.pdf

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UPDATE… My wife and I ended up buying one of these parcels on our own… and placing an easement for the Anza trail over it… which we gave to the SLO county Land Conservancy.   We then resold the parcel with the easement over it at our cost to a neighboring landowner late in 2012.  So the following post is sort of a non issue.  Feel free to ignore it as no money from the county needed to be spent… we got the trail right of way effectively for free.

Today the San Luis Obispo County supervisors voted 4-1 (Supervisor Mechum opposed) to allocate funds for appraisals, title searches, phase 1 environmental assessments, and other data related to the possibility of purchasing the bike path parcels in Edna along the Juan Batista de Anza Trail route.  This is great news.  HOWEVER… they also stated that they would only pay a minority share of the cost of these parcels rather than the full amount as recommended by the Parks Commission.  So this means that parties interested in seeing this bike path come to fruition… like me… will need to fundraise to the tune of approx 225k. (a bit more than half of the property cost.)  They have the right to do this… times are tough at the county… so I understand… but I don’t have to be happy about it.

So we have our work to do… and the various advocacy groups are proceeding now with the options available for obtaining the funds we didn’t know we were going to have to raise until today.  We have approx 4 months to do it so it will be a real push.

I guess I should try and remember… this is California… soon the state will be telling drivers that if they want roads without potholes… then get some asphalt and a shovel and go fix them yourself.

We somehow seem to have plenty of state funds around for more prisons though…  end of rant.

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