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my buddy Zazz sent me this mockup of his idea for the upper monterey st. RR trestle in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Pretty cool idea.  It sure would give that neighborhood some identity!

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This is an often overlooked house in downtown San Luis Obispo. I haven’t seen many houses in CA of this style but it would sure be fun to build one. The rafters are probably cut from 2×12’s or 2×16’s in order to get those extreme curves.

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Dan de Vaul’s battle with the Authorities to protect his Homeless shelter is in the NY Times… check out the story…

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Mark Bryan’s new show begins November 20th at Steynberg Gallery at 1531 Monterey St. in San Luis Obispo, CA

Check out his art at http://www.artofmarkbryan.com/

This painting is titled “Holy War”… and is from 2006

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scrubby and lloyds

my buddy Bill Mulder sent me this photo of the old Scrubby and Lloyds hamburger joint here in SLO… long closed and torn down.  It is raining today… and blustery… It sure would be fun to be able to go back to this place today… and sit at the big U shaped dinette bar… where everyone faces each other around the waitresses domain of milk shake mixers and potato chip bags on wire clip clamp racks.   Usually a couple of old timers chatting at a booth around the edge… and a plethora of car mechanics and downtown business owners and the odd newspaper reporter hanging out.    Phone booth out front… remember those… jeez… remember dimes for that matter.   The cook… not sure if it was Scrubby… or Lloyd… usually gruff and unshaven in the back… ex navy maybe… I dunno.  Big flat hamburgers.. No fries… only potato chips.  a coke… or a milkshake.  That was the sum total of the menu.

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