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A few weeks ago Matt Ritter, a biology professor buddy from Cal Poly, took us on a guided tour of Lotusland.  This place is in Montecito (Santa Barbara, CA) and was built by Gana Walska… a rather famous dancer from the early part of the 1920’s.  It is an amazing botanical wonder!


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BizarroEvolutionTrash WB

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The bike appears to be ok.

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no registration, no insurance, no car payment, no smog check, no govt. regulation whatsoever.

Oh… and I used to own a 1949 airstream… just exactly like the one in this photo… It would make a cool guest house here… but alas… in one of my constant futile attempts at ridding myself of stuff I don’t need… I got rid of it.

cool bike links

Classic Rendezvous

Fixed Gear Gallery

Handmade Bicycle show

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I would suggest avoiding consumerism… except for shoes maybe… and the occasional t-shirt.

This is my first post… you’re done now.

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