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This Streetfilms video makes a great case for physically separated Bike Lanes.

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wow… check out this video I found on YouTube!  I’m loving all the various types of bikes… and the old cars… circa mid 1950’s.  notice all the groovy homemade trailers… the cargo bikes etc.

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I found this link on www.copenhagenize.com this am…  SO COOL!  These kids formed their own bike club… and as a group they ride to school even though the city where they live has no infrastructure for bikes.  I imagine that over time… movements like this will convince the powers that be to include more pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.  Notice how the teenagers are saying… why buy a car?!

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click each of the city links below for a link into the future of bike paths




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this comic is the first of several posts… delving into the cargo bike world… You have to admit… it is one hell of an obscure reference in a comic strip to feature a Bakfiets cargo bike.

and the award goes to yehudamoon.com…. damn forward thinking of you!  Thanks!

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velorbis bikes

found these guys today… velorbis bicycles


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copenhagenize new logo simplicitiy22

Copenhagenize.com is an english language blog dedicated to bike culture in Copenhagen.  Lots of interesting Bike links… and bike commuter info.

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no registration, no insurance, no car payment, no smog check, no govt. regulation whatsoever.

Oh… and I used to own a 1949 airstream… just exactly like the one in this photo… It would make a cool guest house here… but alas… in one of my constant futile attempts at ridding myself of stuff I don’t need… I got rid of it.

cool bike links

Classic Rendezvous

Fixed Gear Gallery

Handmade Bicycle show

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