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wow… check out this video I found on YouTube!  I’m loving all the various types of bikes… and the old cars… circa mid 1950’s.  notice all the groovy homemade trailers… the cargo bikes etc.

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this comic is the first of several posts… delving into the cargo bike world… You have to admit… it is one hell of an obscure reference in a comic strip to feature a Bakfiets cargo bike.

and the award goes to yehudamoon.com…. damn forward thinking of you!  Thanks!

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velorbis bikes

found these guys today… velorbis bicycles


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copenhagenize new logo simplicitiy22

Copenhagenize.com is an english language blog dedicated to bike culture in Copenhagen.  Lots of interesting Bike links… and bike commuter info.

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check out nihola.com Imagine what life would be like if more people used these instead of cars…  BikesnobNYC calls these… “Smugbikes”!   (for the people who ride them)  Funny guy that Bikesnob.


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