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wow… check out this video I found on YouTube!  I’m loving all the various types of bikes… and the old cars… circa mid 1950’s.  notice all the groovy homemade trailers… the cargo bikes etc.


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new Belleville from Trek looks like the old french randonneuring bikes from the earlier parts of the 20’s century.  Cyclotouring was a big thing back when the average frenchman couldn’t afford a car.  These days… it is a bike to be worn with your tweeds… after sipping an espresso with your college professor friends.  This frame shape is known as a “mixte” and was meant for either men or women back in the day… but mostly women buy them now.  I am guessing that Mixte’s are going to take off and replace the fixie to a certain degree.  There are several frame builders making these now.  Velo-Orange is making them… and Soma too.

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