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because digital is soooo 2000’s

nixie clock

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How do we fix this?

update… as of Feb 2014… the liabilities have tripled!  Check the link … this has to change!  The numbers below are from 2009… only 5 years ago!

Assets of the US… per citizen:     $240,000

Liabilities of the US… per citizen:    $344,000

from: usdebtclock.org

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a hot walker for the cubicle… the “walkstation”

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5. buy it asshole

You have to read the fine print under the shoe.

It’s circa 1993 or so… Rolling Stone magazine.

We wrote  over 500 different ads between 1991 and 1996… crazy.

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2. sandboarding

I kinda wish I still had those socks. From the “Extra” page in the back of Action Now magazine… in the early action sports years.

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swine flu is here…


I know this one has been around the world already… but it is still funny.

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A few weeks ago Matt Ritter, a biology professor buddy from Cal Poly, took us on a guided tour of Lotusland.  This place is in Montecito (Santa Barbara, CA) and was built by Gana Walska… a rather famous dancer from the early part of the 1920’s.  It is an amazing botanical wonder!


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BizarroEvolutionTrash WB

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I would suggest avoiding consumerism… except for shoes maybe… and the occasional t-shirt.

This is my first post… you’re done now.

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