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Last week we had a new sidewalk poured out front of our house… and in it we spontaneously placed a little “love note”.  It almost didn’t happen though… as the concrete was setting pretty fast.    I expect this little gesture will last a few decades or more.    They city guys said it would be ok if we wanted to put our initials in the concrete…  but we thought this might be more fun.  Cynthia had a cookie cutter laying around… and I had the extra chain ring from bike I’d taken apart.  After this photo was taken we dyed the heart red…

What is it that gives a place charm?  Why are some cities memorable and others forgettable?   I think it has something to do with the tiniest of details.  This little art project would have never happened in a condominium development.  The CCandR’s would never allow it.  I would only happen in a place where the city officials and workers are allowed a bit of freedom to make a random decision.  The city guys in our case… made sure it was below the sidewalk such that folks won’t trip on it… and the bolts in it are sunk in about 4 inches… so it won’t come out.

I believe cities need policies written… to allow their workers to be creative like this every now and then.  To allow the citizens to make their own tiny little secret spontaneous art projects.  These things won’t happen if we involve the city leaders in every single one… that would only homogenize the end results.  It needs to be random… perhaps slightly controversial every now and then.

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Tackiness at Hearst Castle is nothing new… here is some lovely 1960’s wall paper wrapping a switch plate cover in the “secret” kitchen… downstairs in one of the guesthouses, behind what looks like just a closet door. WRH probably didn’t see this modification… looks a bit more like the Patty Hearst”era to me. Maybe this is what inspired Lady Gaga in her most recent video filmed at the castle… we’ll never know I suppose.

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Sometimes it is the most plain of things that you notice.  The lotus’s (sp?) are in bloom at Lotusland in Santa Barbara… so I spent the morning there with friends yesterday.  This little pot caught my eye because it is made from cheap talavera tiles from Mexico.  Anyone could make this with a little cement and tile and a handmade form.  There is a quality about it that is almost indescribable.  Maybe if we were speaking french I could describe it better… over a glass of wine and with bread torn from the bagette.  Yet that indescribable quality makes it.  It is not perfect… it shows the fact that it was handmade… It is beautiful but it is not fancy… and it has patina.  I want my entire life to be like this flowerpot.


oh… and did I mention the lotus’s are in bloom….



I think Dr. Suess has been here:



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Check out this trailer court in Holland… dang!  The trailers seem to be stacked on old containers set on end… with some I-Beams here and there.  Wow.   Good luck getting this one through your Community Development dept!     It becomes art basically at this point IMHO.  Probably not a great idea in a single family neighborhood though eh.

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A friend sent me the link to Benjamin Bullins art.  I particularly like this Bathroom sink he designed.

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Exactitudes is a site that cuts straight to the center of things.  Distilling various trendmongers down into clear and exact categories.  Sometimes with audio if you choose their “slider view”.

Everyone thinks they are being so different… yet we are all just conforming.  I dare you to be truly unique… it’s quite difficult.

“Technohippies” shown just below… circa 2005

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I recently discovered Monkeylectric.com .  They make LED lights that attach to your spokes to create crazy patterns as you ride… BUT THEY ALSO make an insane bike wheel video player using the same LED light type set up… that plays low res video on your spokes as you ride.  Kinda hard to imagine… so check the video.  The system is pricey (2k us$).  There are a lot of small business ideas that could spring out of this.  (sorry about the music… turn down the volume…)

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