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Jeff Shelton is my favorite moorish/spanish colonial revival style architect… BY FAR!  He makes FUN buildings.  Take Gaudi’s assistant Josep Maria Jujol, mix with Dr. Seuss, toss in a bit of MC Escher… and then stir in a bunch of tile… more than a bunch actually.  I think Jeff must have some sort of back door arrangement with a a mexican encaustic tile factory somewhere.

Dig around on his site… you will love it… I guarantee it!

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check out these shingles from barkhouse.com

I am using them on tiny house in Carmel.. they are made of Poplar bark.  They don’t require any maintenance… and go well with dutch doors… rock porches… clinker brick fireplaces… faux bois garden furniture and black rod-brake english three speed bikes.

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detail of really crazy gutter spout I found in Zermatt, Switzerland… over the top… but done of simple materials.  It makes the whole building.

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