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Eric Staller created this amazing art car years ago.  The lights are computer controlled and create a vibrant visual display.  Down a bit further is a link to the video of this car in action.

I am still amazed by it and his many other creative endeavors.

He made these clogs…

He is most famous for his “conference bike”.  Where 8 people sit in a circle and pedal and chat.  These are widely available now.  www.conferencebike.com

Please also check out the other stuff he has for sale! It is pretty crazy too.

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awesome graphic from the “Societe Anomyme Inc” or effectively…”corporation inc”! (“societe anonyme” is french for “Corporation”) Founded in 1920 by  Katherine Dreier, Man Ray, and Marcel Duchamp to sponsor lectures, concerts, publications and exhibitions of or on Modern art.

Such a funny name… and really nice art.  Dirty colors are nice.

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