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this the chassis of a 1940’s built monoposto race car from Germany… it was driven by a BMW 328 sport coupe engine in the back.  It was built by Helmut Polensky who drove it to the German Championship in 1949.  I really like how he drilled out the front of this VW front end he was using.    I dunno… something about just drilling a whole boatload of holes in a machine that really intrigues me.  Pretty much you can take anything… and drill a bunch of holes very carefully in it… and it begins to look cool for some reason.

Cyclists… in their quest for lightness… took this to the extreme with “drillium” parts in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Lovely… Kinda stupid… but lovely!

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I’ve been building this stupid thing for about 3 years now… powered by a 1961 Porsche 356 Super 90 engine in the back… on a custom frame my buddy Jason and I put together… Cary McCune just finished fabricating the E brake cable mechanism (all custom) to the rear disc brakes.  Next up is modifying the Burch exhaust to fit inside the tailgate.  This thing is lowered about 15 inches… should be fun when done.

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early Mercedes race car. I love the details… so subtle… at the Mercedes Benz Museum.  Don’t miss this place if you are nearby.  I spent about 4 hours there happily!

Edit… Jan 2010… I was up in Santa Cruz… Capitola to be exact… and met by accident the nephew of the fellow that drove this car when it was racing!  He runs a great sandwich shop there and has a picture of this car on the wall with his uncle driving.

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orig photo at classiccambria1

This is a VW Rometsch Beeskow…  one of 32 known survivors.  It pre-dates the Karmann Ghia.  The shots are before and after restoration of the same car.

see: www.rometschregistry.org

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why does a 100-200 lb person need a 5000 lb automobile to transport them around?  95% of the fuel used… is to carry the weight of the vehicle… and 5% is for the occupant.

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