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I was walking along the parking area next to carmel beach… and there was a beautiful  sixties vw Westfalia camper  bus sitting there with the door open.  So, being the VW lover I am, I went over to check it out.  Nobody was anywhere near it.  I suspect the owner was out surfing.  Inside… happy as a clam… was this great cat.  He was a bit hard to photograph in the bus.  But he was obviously the king of the bus.  As I took this shot he hopped down and proceeded to jump out of the bus and go sit on a rock 50 feet away on the edge of the sand like he owned the property.  Dogs walking by on leashes sniffed at him… he didn’t even look at them… all sorts of random noises… not a flinch… nothing phased him.  He was… one cool cat.

What a life. If I were a cat I think I would like to live in a sixties Westfalia camper on the beach in Carmel.  I kinda want to even as a human…

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Here is the car a friend of mine Christian Grundmann recently restored.  It is a Rometsch Beeskow coupe… from 1951.  VW running gear, coachbuilt body designed by Johannes Beeskow in 1949, built by Rometsch Coachbuilders in Berlin.  One of about 175 Beeskows built by them.   Beautiful alloy body… nice lines!

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orig photo at classiccambria1

This is a VW Rometsch Beeskow…  one of 32 known survivors.  It pre-dates the Karmann Ghia.  The shots are before and after restoration of the same car.

see: www.rometschregistry.org

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