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Simple’s demise was announced today.  It is the summer solstice… June 21, 2011.  The brand began on Friday the 13th of December 1991.  The end will be at the end of this year.  So the brand will make it to twenty.  I’ve been gone from it since 1996 or so.

It was my baby so I am a bit sad.  The word came as I was watering my garden though… and it is tuesday… and it was the middle of the day… so I suppose I have very little to be sad about actually.

The Hindu’s believe that when you die… you reincarnate as something better. Hmmm.

During my ownership we produced 572 different ads. This one up above is one of my favorites from 1993.  Our campaign was one of  the first modern anti-advertising campaigns… but DD&B was who started this type of advertising with VW in the 1960’s.  I loved writing our ads and drawing the shoes.  I wasn’t so hot on all the travel though.

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This post doesn’t really match up to my stated topic for this blog… so feel free to ignore it and move on…. but my Dad died two weeks ago and I miss him.  He was an interesting fellow… a 1940’s and 1950’s Modernist architect… and a real Beatnik.  (Although he would hate me calling him that… I think he would prefer philosopher or curmudgeon… or intellectual… or most likely a  four letter word said with great emphasis and a big smile).  Anyway… I have never really understood about my distant family history very well… and his passing got me thinking.

So I went to the computer and started looking online at the various genealogy links.  What I found is that they have me on these links… and my mom on these links… but for some reason… these genealogy links have my mom’s ex husband as my dad… whom she divorced years before I was born.  And my dad… is nowhere to be found!   Hmmm…  who writes this stuff!

so I Googled Eric Meyer… looking to see what other incorrect info I might find.  (It turns out there is some internet guru also named Eric Meyer… so I had to refine my search.  )

WOW… I found out that “when he was a young surfer dude” (cough) “Eric went to USCB”.  This was in “the late eighties and early 1990’s”.  I learned that “he also started making his own shoes when he was in college”… and “he made them by hand”… with a hammer and an anvil  I suppose… “all by himself”

Hmmm.  Didn’t go to USCB… Didn’t go to college in the late 80’s and early 90’s… and didn’t make the first shoes by hand when I was in college…. but this is how I’m carved in history by the internet now…. and with the wrong dad no less.

IN FACT… probably at least 50% of what I found on myself was wrong.

I’m not famous… and I don’t have kids… so I suppose it doesn’t matter really.  But it makes me wonder:

How much of history is wrong?

yours truly… in 1966

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